One of the nicest ways to get new clients in business is by referrals. However, many home care and senior care owners make the mistake of relying too heavily on referrals to gain new clients. This is generally a slow and unpredictable way to grow your business. Referrals are not predictable or controllable. If this is a company’s best source of lead generation, then they are missing bigger growth opportunities.

To build a successful and profitable company, you can’t depend on others to grow your business. You must have a variety of marketing strategies in place to feed your business consistent and quality leads. It puts you in the best position to close deals with the clients you want.

Here are 4 keys to better marketing…

1) Strategies vs Tactics – To attract as many new clients that a business can handle, start with effective marketing systems that use a strategic approach to marketing vs a tactical approach. The secret sauce in marketing on the strategic side includes what you say, how you say it, and to whom you say it. It is more important than where you say it. When you know exactly who your target audience is and you put the right message in front of them, then you will attract more quality leads.

Running a print ad, a website, brochure, postcard, or flyer are all tactics. Without an effective strategy behind them, they are likely to waste money with little results. Even worse, you are missing out on business by not attracting the people that want or need your services.

2) Digital Footprint – You must have a strong and effective digital footprint. Many believe the purpose of a website and other social media platforms is to create awareness and show the credibility of your company. Although this is true, using a strategic approach to your online marketing will get your phone to ring with quality prospects and eliminate your competition.

Even if someone gives your company name as a referral, it is most likely they will still go to the internet to check out your business before making a phone call. If your website doesn’t represent your company well and it doesn’t have an effective way to capture those visitors and get them into your marketing funnel, then you will lose business.

3) Watch your words – Stop using jargon in your marketing! Most business owners rely heavily on platitudes in their marketing. They say things like, “We have the lowest prices, we’re number one, we’re the best, or we provide quality care.” Who else can say these things? If the answer is everyone and your competitors are saying the same thing, then your prospect has no reason to think you are different from your competition. Price becomes the main factor in their buying decision.

One of my home care clients looked the same as her competitors. She hired me because they weren’t getting the leads like they had in previous years. She was becoming less profitable and they had a consistent turnover of caregivers. As we dug into her business, we discovered that many of the clients she served were not profitable for the business. The problem was not where she was advertising and marketing, but it was the message that she was putting out.

Also, she was not attracting and hiring the right caregivers for her business, which resulted in lost revenue and profits. We put a strategic marketing plan in place and changed some of the ways her business was offering their services. She generated all the leads they could handle and started signing on bigger clients to improve her revenue and profits.

The strategies we put in place also improved the way her staff was closing sales by simplifying their process. We used those same marketing strategies to attract quality caregivers that improved the employee retention and eliminated her caregiver shortage.

What if you could differentiate yourself from everyone else in your business with marketing to make your business a no-brainer choice for prospects? What if you could raise your prices, bring on bigger clients and eliminate the problem with a shortage of caregivers and high turn-over? How much more profitable could your business be?

4) Marketing equation – All of your marketing must follow, what we call, the marketing conversion equation…Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer. This equation should be followed on everything you do to market your business including your business card, brochures, advertising and website. Knowing how to effectively use the marketing conversion equation will help you get as much as 10 to 100 times more from your marketing.

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To your success,

Ann Carden