Oh, I know your frustration if you are trying to compete against the big box $10 a month gyms. Been there, done that! In fact, this was exactly why I opened second fitness club years ago. When a low priced competitor moved in a couple of blocks from my club, memberships started to drop and I was determined I would not allow my income to drop too. Not a good strategy at all!

Fortunately after discovering it was my lack of business and marketing skills and not the low price competitor causing my struggle; it forced me to make some drastic skill set changes. That was a long time ago and fortunately, I learned how to overcome this competitor and many more that would come after them.

Lately, I have been speaking with many fitness business and gym owners to gather research for my new business book for the fitness industry. The biggest challenge has been the same from club to club; competing with the cheap $10 clubs.

This prompted me to write this article.

If you want to stop struggling to compete with the $10 clubs, stop competing on price, charge higher prices and get clients and members over your competition, here are 4 great strategies you can use.

1) Stop trying to market your business like them and look for ways to stand out against your competition.

2) Stop using jargon in your marketing! You may be different on the inside, but does your outside perception look different when people are looking at your business to make a choice? Analyze your marketing to see if your outside perception is unique and makes you stand out. Ask yourself…who else can say what we say? If the answer is everyone, your marketing is not serving your business and you are missing out.

3) Know your target audience and know what they want. Without really understanding your target audience and what they want, you can’t create the right marketing message to attract them. You want to be able to put your marketing right in front of your target to avoid burning up marketing dollars. How can you do this if you don’t know who your target is?

4) Have innovative offers no one else has and create compelling and persuasive marketing to attract your quality prospects. Offering the same as everyone else gives your buyers no real choice, but to look at price.

Also, realize everyone will not be your customer. Find the people that are by following the strategies above, so you can stop competing and start attracting and closing the clients you want.

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To your success,

Ann Carden