You think if you build it they will come, right? Not!

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I was growing my businesses was that I seriously thought when I opened, people would automatically come.  Well, was I in for a big surprise!  When that didn’t happen, I was left scratching my head trying to figure it out. Why didn’t they?  I had built this wonderful health club that offered so much more than the competition.  Where was every one?

When I opened my second fitness club on a busy service road that had thousands of cars a day go by, I repeated this mistake.  I waited for the women to flood through my doors.  It didn’t happen. What is going on? I didn’t understand.

Well, now I know better and as I coach others in their businesses, I see many of them repeating the same mistake I made.

Here’s the real truth:

When those thousands of cars are driving past my fitness club every day to go to work, they could care less about my business.  In fact, I would bet that many have never even noticed I exist.  They are focused on what they have to do in their busy day ahead, trying to get there on time and paying attention to the traffic or talking on their cell phone, right?

And when those same thousands of cars are driving on their way home from work, they are already thinking about dinner for their family, getting the kids to sports events, and a million other things that are more important in their head.  How would they ever notice my business?   The attitude of waiting for things to happen is the #1 reason most businesses fail. I guess that means we shouldn’t just sit there and hope, wish, and pray for customers, huh?  So why do so many make this mistake just as I did?   The marketplace today is completely saturated with places people can go to do business and spend their money.  The ol’ saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” has never rung more true.  It is a fact.  People have to know about you and you have to be in front of them consistently in a multitude of ways.

Years ago in my businesses, I would run a print ad and sit and wait for that ad to break. When we would get two or three calls, I would think to myself, “I might as well have just thrown the money out into the street and let the cars run over it for no more than we got from that ad.”  Then I would think,” now I have to wait another month or two until I can advertise again.” How crazy that seems now!

One of my coaching clients owned a great little gift and accessory store, but every month for over two years she was taking money from her and her husband’s savings to pay the bills.  She worked six days a week for over two years and never put a dime in her own pocket.  She used personal savings to keep the doors open.  No!  It doesn’t have to be that way!   When I started coaching her, I asked her what she was doing to market her business.  Guess what?  She was doing nothing.  She said she had run ads, but they didn’t work.  She was ready to shut her business down!  With some hard work, we were able to get it turned around and she recently opened a new store!

So here it is…the #1 way to grow a business.  Become great at marketing!  Understand world class strategic marketering to see a better ROI. Strategic marketing starts with with the right message, to the right audience. This is the first fundmental of world class strategic marketing.  Get this WRONG and you will waste a lot of money and time. Once you understand your message and who your target is, you can put a strategic marketing plan in place.

Your plan should have 7-10 lines in the water all the time.  Don’t just market when you need money or a customer.  Market all the time!  Never stop marketing and do one or two things every day to market your business.  Market online, offline and internal. There is not one way to get 100 customers, but there are 100 ways to get one customer.  If you are great at marketing, you will leave your competition in the dust.

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