This message will never resonate with coaches who do not care about making “real” money and believe it or not; it is more coaches than not. So, just to save you valuable time, if you are happy with the average coaching income of $25k-$35K a year, this article is not for you, and you can STOP reading it now.

However, if you are still reading, you must be a higher-achiever. Congratulations, you are in the top 10%.

 There was a heated discussion going on in another social media group recently where many coaches were bashing coaches who want to make six-figures a year. It was nasty and very disheartening.

 First of all, I would like to say that six-figures a year can barely be considered a business and isn’t considered a high income in the wealthy marketplace today.

 Many of the comments posted in the social media group were suggesting that coaches who desire to make much money should be “ASHAMED” of themselves.

WOW, I was floored!

 Don’t get me wrong; everyone has different goals and desires for his or her business and the money he or she wants to make, and this is entirely fine


I found the conversation very offensive as I help coaches put the process in place to make well beyond six-figures and even double and triple that amount.

I also think it is sending the wrong message (creating guilt) to coaches who started their business to not only make a significant impact in the world but also change their own life financially.

It is a BOLD statement (derived from a lack and scarcity mindset) to say a coach should be ashamed to want to make much money.

 Here are just a few reasons why a coach should WANT to make significant money in their business, and I could give you many more.

1) The reality is, if a coach genuinely cares about making a high impact in the world, it takes MONEY to reach and help more people and to be able to be able to give more generously.

2) If a coach is going to perform at their highest level, these limiting beliefs limit their success and impact. If they are barely making it financially, can they be a top-level coach to their clients? I would argue they cannot!

3) They will limit their growth as a coach when they are not able to invest in what is required for their own personal and business development. I wish them the BEST OF LUCK trying to keep up in a growing and competitive coaching industry. They will most likely be left behind and not be in a business long term.

 Of course, these are my beliefs and what I have experienced from building my businesses for the past twenty-seven years and working with many business owners and coaches.

 I could speak so much more on this subject, but at this point, you either agree or disagree with me.

 I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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