One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is to create a company that is dependent on the owner’s involvement for the success of the daily operations. This is called working “in” your business. Fitness business owners are notorious for doing this. I personally made this mistake in my fitness businesses for years. Spending time operating your business instead of spending the majority of your time growing it will leave you exhausted, stressed out and probably broke most of the time.

A good test of this is to ask yourself, what would happen if you took off to a hot sunny destination for three weeks and left your cell phone and laptop at home. Would your business be able to continue operating?

If you said no, then this information is for you.

Systematizing your business is about putting policies, procedures and people in place to make your business operations run smoother – and more importantly – without your constant involvement.

There were many times through the years of operating my fitness clubs it seemed as though the revenue coming in would hit an invisible glass ceiling. As I learned about how to be better in business and marketing, this all changed. However, I had to stop working in my business and start working on my business to get the success I was looking for. ‘

Why Systematize?

For most small business owners, systems simply mean freedom from the day – to – day functioning of their business. The business runs smoothly, makes a profit, and involves a high level of service – regardless of the owner’s involvement.

Systematizing your business is also a healthy way to plan for the future. What happens when you are ready to get out of your business or retire? Will your business be able to transition to new ownership or management? How will you be able to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of?

Businesses that function without the owners are also highly attractive to investors or buyers. I was able to sell both of my fitness clubs for huge profits, because the new owners could simply walk in and take over with little effort. All of the systems and procedures were in place to make the transition smooth and business as usual.

There are an unlimited amount of benefits available to you and your business by implementing systems. However, my personal favorites were more profitability and getting my life back from exhaustion.

If you are working hard in your business instead of working on your business, it is most likely a recipe for disaster. It is a ticking time bomb and the very thing that keeps owners broke and causes 87% of fitness businesses to fail.

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