You may not need more leads! Yes, you heard me right. Let me explain.

When I meet with small business owners and entrepreneurs and I ask them what they most want in their business, they tell me they want more clients and more revenue. However, clients and revenue start with leads, right? So they really want leads. As we take a closer look, I find out they are getting leads. However, most can’t tell me how many they are getting, because they don’t track them. We then discover that leads are not the problem. Most of the time they are getting plenty of leads.

The real problem is they are not getting quality leads and they are not converting enough leads into customers or clients. Yet, they are still working hard trying to get leads to build their business. This is an exhausting and costly cycle that many work in day to day to grow their business.

Leads are not the same as clients and revenue. Quality leads and converting those into clients…that is really what you want.

However, if you are struggling with getting quality leads and converting those leads into paying clients, you are missing some important components. Simply put, you are missing the strategic marketing fundamentals to attract quality leads and you are missing the business fundamentals required to convert them. However, this is just the beginning to getting more revenue in your business.

There are actually 5 critical keys to increasing cash flow and building a highly successful and profitable business. Most in business only work in one area…leads! When leads are your main focus, your business will never produce the revenue it really can.

When you learn and apply the revenue and profit formula in all five critical areas, you will create massive, exponential growth. It will transform your business!

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Ann Carden – Business & Marketing Coach