Money and time are always going to be a problem in a business until the business owner decides that it’s not going to be any longer. The old way of doing business is dead and gone, and the new way of doing business has emerged. 

There has never been a better time in history to become wealthy from building a business, but most won’t and here’s why:

They choose to stay in the old ways of trying to build and grow a business. This mindset is causing most to stay broke, barely survive or, even worse, miss out on the wealth they could have.

In the past, people got into business and they spent time, money, and effort trying things, seeing what works and then doing it again. The prayer was always if they kept on, they may hit on something that would be the game-changer they were looking for and make them a ton of money. This trial and error way of doing business keeps most from ever making much money at all, and they are literally wasting years trying to make “Real Money.” 

They haven’t yet come into the same category of 21st century business owners who are generating and creating wealth like no other time in history, BUT the new generation of business owners and entrepreneurs have discovered the secret.

Before I tell you what this secret is, you must know why this new band of business owners chose a different path, not following in the footsteps of past business owners.

Personal freedom and financial freedom are the things they desire most!

They are not about to live their life toiling away, slaving in a business that barely makes them any money and that doesn’t build an asset and future they can exit if they so choose.  

Here’s the big discovery they have made that is helping them build businesses faster and better than ever before:

They don’t spend time trying to “figure things out on their own.”

No matter what stage of business you are in, it is a FACT that it is ALWAYS riskier and more costly to “figure things out on your own.”

It is more efficient and just plain smarter to pay someone to teach business owners what they need to know to speed up the process and get to the results they desire.


Which is faster and easier? Having to find out the answers to making money or having someone teach you step by step how to do it? When you work with a great coach, it’s kind of like cheating on a test and getting an “A,” versus having to do all the studying and hope for a B or C.

I always like to tell people, “I help them take a ‘JET’ to reach their goals and desired results instead of taking a ‘horse and buggy.’”

Business is a game, and the people who understand this WIN! They win the best clients and customers, they make the most money, they have more personal freedom, and they are the leaders with great businesses others admire.

Here’s an example of exactly what I am referring to:

Years ago, I operated a successful, growing business. Out of the blue, a low price competitor moved in two blocks from my business at a fraction of the costs of my services. Due to my lack of understanding strategic and effective marketing, my revenue, profits, and income started declining. My solution: open a second business. Stupid, right? Yes! I now signed up for double the payroll, double the rent, double the utilities, double time from my life, etc. (you get the picture.) I couldn’t get that second business going the way I needed it to. I racked up thousands of dollars in marketing debt, trying to get people through the door. When the marketing wasn’t working, it never occurred to me that I just didn’t understand how to really market to get real results.

After a year of this craziness, time, stress, struggle, frustration, and the possibility of losing everything from both businesses if I didn’t do something different, I made the decision to spend the money to hire a business and marketing coach. In only 30 days (yes, thirty) she showed me the years of mistakes I had been making. The time I lost, the money I didn’t make, and the money I wasted. IN THIRTY DAYS! Imagine how painful it was for me to look back over all the past twenty-five years and see the stupid things I did “trying to figure it out on my own.” It is still painful (well maybe I am over it by now.) 

However, it was also the very thing that inspired me to learn about business and marketing in a way that I never understood before and why I now teach others. I don’t want them to have to experience the same painful process. 

Today, I make the most money I have ever made in business before, and I applied what I learned in the other businesses until I sold them and put the money in the bank. Business is my livelihood, yes, but it is so much more when you understand it.

The game-changer for me was to continue investing in myself to SPEED UP RESULTS. I don’t have years, nor do I want to spend years trying to build wealth. The time is now and the help is available.

I have a client that knew he needed help in his business. Though it was a nice size business and growing, he couldn’t understand where his money was. He was barely breaking even or losing money monthly. He was referred to me through someone else, and it took him three months to finally set up a meeting with me. We agreed to work together, and in one week, we started turning around his net profit, his bank account, and his business. He even opened a savings account to move a percentage of all the money he was making into it. He has also recently bought another business to expand his existing business and paid cash.

His business has more than doubled since we have been working together and it is on track to double again this year and all while giving him less stress and more freedom in his business.

If you are thinking you can keep doing it all by yourself or you “know what to do,” (ha ha, that’s what they all think until they spend 45 minutes with me, and I show them different), you are missing huge financial opportunities for real money.

BUT, like anything else, some will and some won’t! That is just the way it is. This is why only 1-3% of businesses ever really succeed.   

If you are spending too much time out of your life and in your business not making the money you want, not filling up your bank account, and not building something you can sell someday, it is insanity to keep “trying to figure it out on your own” or saying you “know what to do,” but still experience no real change. Working harder isn’t going to get the job done, if what you’re working harder at are the WRONG things.

In just forty-five minutes, I can show ANY business the huge financial opportunity they are missing in their business so they can build their wealth and create a more secure and better future.

If you are ready to make significant changes in your business to get time back into your life, fill up your bank account and build a great asset you can sell someday, schedule your 45-minute breakthrough strategy session with me now.