Does your business ever keep you up at night with stress and worry? Money, employees, customers and being too busy, can be a bit overwhelming and leave you feeling out of control.

If any of these things apply to you, burnout, exhaustion or even failure could be what’s ahead if you don’t make some changes? I am sure these things were not what you were hoping for or in your plan when you decided to own your own business, right?

If you would like to get out of the daily grind in your business and be a ‘REAL BUSINESS OWNER’ that enjoys your business and life while making the money you would like, there are two simple mindset shifts to make to start moving in this direction.

There are two simple shifts in your mindset that you need to make to start moving in this direction:

1) You are a business owner! This requires a different skill-set than doing the work of an employee. Take off the employee hat so you can work “ON” your business rather than “IN” it? Without this shift, you will probably find yourself in the same place or maybe worse twelve months from now. Is this okay with you? How about three or five years down the line?

2) Think of your business as a product rather than what you provide or do. What do I mean by this? Everything you do in your business should be building equity into your business. Think about McDonald’s. They sell a proven system and fail proof process to anyone that wants it and can pay the big bucks to have it. How can you achieve such results in your business? You need a marketing system that works every time, a proven sales system, a financial system and an operations system. Leave nothing to chance in your business.

Think of how you can build your business into a turn-key operation that someone else would want and that can be duplicated. Now you have a recipe for success! You will get your life back, make more money than you ever thought you could and will sleep like a baby at night.

When I sold two of my businesses, it was written into the sale contract that I would work with the new owners for a month to help them takeover successfully and learn everything they needed to know. However, with both businesses, I only had to help them for a week or two, and then I was out. Why? I had built turn-key businesses that anyone could take over and operate. Everything they needed was in place. They just had to continue operating as usual.

Having a business that is profitable, predictable and requires little of your time is a wonderful thing! If you are struggling with cash flow, chaos, exhaustion, burnout, etc., I would love to chat and show you in just a few minutes how you can change your business successfully. Click to schedule a complimentary 15 minute call with me now! I look forward to speaking with you!

To your great success,

Ann Carden

National Business & Marketing Consultant/Author