Why you might not be making the money in your business you want to make.

As I business coach I see a common mistake people make in their business. They are not good at taking action! They sit and wait for things to happen or drag their feet to implement the things they need to in their business. Because of this problem they do not see the money or success they could.

If you call my business and get my voice message or you have ever heard me speak in public about business, on a webinar or information video,  you will always hear me say this one thing…”Hey, way to be an action taker!’

Why?  Because, every successful expert will tell you it is the one thing that sets apart those that are highly successful and those that are medeocur or fail.

I say “Hey way to be an Action Taker” in my business all the time because everything I do in my businesses is to help others.  So, if you are calling me or coming to me for my sevices you are “taking action” to become better.

It deserves praise!

I have always been an action taker!  If you know me, you know I don’t sit around and think about things very long.  I jump in and do it, maybe even do it wrong and fix it and do it right before most ever make the decision to do it at all.  Sometimes I can make everyone around me a little crazy. 🙂  However, it has served me well and it keeps things fun and exciting.  It drives me to get up, thank God for another day and jump into the day with excitement!

My biggest frustration is when people complain about their situation or circumstances but won’t take action to do anything different or even things that need to be done.

This is what I know..

Wishing, hoping and praying are not going to get the job done.  Hoping you will lose weight, wishing you were in better shape, wishing your business made more money, hoping the economy will turn around, hoping people come through your door or call, wishing you had more success, praying for God to bless your business but you never do anything different.  I really hope this isn’t you.  I am sure it is not because you are reading this, right?

I had the best thing happen with one of my coaching clients.  I coached her on Tuesday and she was having trouble closing clients to increase her business.  I worked on techniques and strategies with her to strengthen and imrove her closing rate.  I received a text from her only a couple of hours after our coaching session.  She was so excited!  She had used what I taught her to follow up with someone that hadn’t hired her and BAM… SHE CLOSED THEM FOR $2200!

Why am I telling you this? Because, she could have taken what I taught her (that I know works) and not changed a thing, right?  However, she didn’t.  She got on the phone and put it to the test immediately and saw $2200 results (she didn’t pay me that much for the help.)  Pretty good ROI! Oh and FYI, she will be able to repeat that over and over again putting more money in her pocket.

What are you missing out on in life or business because you haven’t been an “Action Taker”?

I really want to encourage you if you have a great idea or learned something valuable that you haven’t done yet, take action today! Don’t worry about things being perfect or just right (you will never do it) and just go do it!!

Ann Carden – Your $ix Figure Breakthrough Coach

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