Don’t feel bad, they don’t care about me either. Of course I am talking about your marketing. This is the most common mistake made when people market their business. Understand that when marketing your business, people only care about two things. They care about THEMSELVES and what your business can do for THEM….PERIOD!

When you get this concept, you start to understand why your marketing may not be getting the return you hoped for. THE PURPOSE OF MARKETING IS TO GENERATE LEADS!!! That is the only purpose of marketing. Great World Class marketing is about STRATEGIC MARKETING vs TACTICAL MARKETING.

Strategic marketing starts with…

What you say – Are you attracting your clients by a headline that makes them take notice & grabs their interest? Are you then engaging them with a sub-headline that backs up the headline and gets them to want to know more? Consider this, you only have 1-3 seconds to grab your perfect prospects attention.

How you say it – Have you thought about the result THEY want and created a compelling message they will be interested in?

Who are you saying it to – Is your message getting in front of the right people? If I am marketing hamburgers would I want to spend time, energy and money marketing to Vegans? Who is your perfect audience? Now, put your message in front of them.

Once you know these things, you can now put together the different tactics you will need to create your strategic marketing plan.

Tactical marketing is the wrong plan most follow…

They run a print ad, a direct mail piece, a flyers, website, business card, elevator pitch, radio, tv. This is about how they put out their message.

Their logo is front and center as the most important thing and their marketing is all about them and not the potential client. They go on and on about how great they are, how they have been in business for 300 years, how they have the best service and a qualified staff, etc. (we call this jargon.)

They put too much emphasis on their BRAND. Unless you are Coca Cola, Apple, Nike, etc. and have unlimited amounts of money, you are probably spending more time, effort and money on your BRAND than you should.

Remember, NO ONE CARES about you or I! They care about THEMSELVES as I said in the beginning.

If these are new concepts to you…you are probably missing a fortune and wasting a small fortune in in your business trying to generate leads with ineffective marketing. Click here to watch this online training that will show you “HOW TO GENERATE ALL THE LEADS YOUR BUSINESS CAN HANDLE”

To your success,

Ann Carden- Strategic Business & Marketing Coach