Do you ever have those clients that won’t follow your program and then complain about the results? How about the people that really need you, but won’t sign up or even come in? Frustrating, right?

Oh, do I ever get it! For years in my fitness businesses I was super frustrated with these people. Everyone needs to be healthy and take care of themselves and I couldn’t understand why they didn’t just beg me for a membership. Ha, ha! 🙂

Here’s the deal…

‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink’. This is true unless the horse is thirsty and they want the water, you can’t make them drink.

So, what’s your strategy to get people to want what you have? The secret is to get them to want what you have! This is done with a great marketing strategy and a great sales process.

However, you will still not get everyone, so don’t take it personally. It’s not you or your business. They simply aren’t ready to invest the money or the time it will take to get the results you can help them get.

Hey, it’s okay. There are plenty of people that want what you have and will invest. Spend your time on them! These will be the people that will love you and your business, sing your praises and bring you more people just like them.

When I sold all my fitness businesses and became a business and marketing coach, I found out that Fitness Business Owners are just like the people I used to deal with in my fitness businesses.

I can show them how they could be so much more successful and even show them the exact strategies we can implement to get them the money I show them, but some will and some won’t. Until they want more or better for themselves and their businesses, they won’t. It’s how people are wired.

However, I do want to share a testimonial from one of my Fitness Business Owners that not only was lead to the water, she drank and here is what has happened in her fitness business…

Angie said, ” I have worked with 3 coaches try to build and grow my fitness business. Ann Carden is the first coach I have worked with that is making a huge difference in my business and helping me actually make money, get clients and build the business I have wanted. It was really scary making the investment to coach with her, because it was a stretch financially. However, I am so happy I did. I made enough money in the first two weeks to cover her fees and put money in my pocket. I can’t say enough about the success track she has put me on and I am so excited about my business again. She totally knows what she is doing! If you need your fitness business to see more clients, growth and profits, you have to work with her. I love working with Ann! She makes all this business stuff so fun and to see the results I am getting is amazing! Stop struggling to try to build success in your business alone. Work with Ann Carden, so you can stop trying to do things that aren’t working and implement what works almost immediately. Thank you so much Ann Carden” – Angie Jameson – ISKG Gym

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Get ready to transform your business!

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