Home care and senior care agencies have a mission to serve their community and a heart to fulfill the need of the aging adults who desire to stay in their home instead of living in a full-time facility. Yet, oftentimes, they turn away business due to the lack of caregivers on their staff.

Also, the expense of an employee revolving door can be a significant drain on the profitability of any business. Still, for these types of businesses, it is a huge expense most can’t seem to overcome.

When I speak with or work with Home Care or Senior Care Agencies, their greatest challenges are attracting and keeping caregivers. Of course, it is no secret that being a caregiver is a difficult job with low paying wages in many cases. So, agencies become a revolving door for caregivers going in and out. Are there solutions to get and keep caregivers? The answer is YES!

There are three main strategies to help fix the problem if implemented:

1) Fix your marketing to attract the right caregivers. Most businesses do not think of having a target audience when they are hiring employees. Yet, the same marketing fundamentals apply whether you are trying to attract clients or hire employees.

The number one fundamental of effective marketing is to know your target audience by understanding the psycho-graphics of your audience. It enables you to write compelling and persuasive marketing to get their attention. If you combine the perfect copy with the right marketing strategy and system, then your business should receive a consistent flow of resumes and applications from qualified candidates.

2) Attract better clients! Changing the way you offer services and market your business can attract higher paying and amenable clients. The profitability of serving better clients can be a major “WIN” for the business, caregivers and clients.

3) Become the best company to work for in your marketplace. By getting better clients, you can offer quality training, higher pay and incentives to your caregivers. You will attract and retain the best of the best employees. This alone can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Most Home Care and Senior Care Agencies are generating great amounts of revenue, but fail to be as profitable as they can be. As a result, the owners are stressed out and not being paid the salary they should receive. With some innovation and small changes to their business operations, they can build an enjoyable and highly profitable business that serves the community.

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To your success,

Ann Carden