If you are in the fitness business, then you are aware of the highly competitive marketplace. Fitness businesses are failing at an alarming rate of around 87% with only 3% making over six figures in annual revenue. You might ask yourself the following questions:

· How can you succeed as a small fitness business in the midst of the big guys?

· How do you compete without lowering your prices?

· How do you stand out against the competition and lure away their clients and members?

One of the most powerful strategies I used was creating my own FITNESS SIGNATURE PROGRAM. It took me from teaching fitness classes in a community center to running two fitness clubs that sold for huge profits. This strategy alone generated more than $1 million dollars in my fitness businesses.

Truth be told, I can’t even calculate the money I really made from having a successful fitness signature program. It attracted people to my business over the competition. It allowed me to lure away competitor’s members and clients while positioning my businesses as the premium fitness club. I charged the highest prices, not the lowest.

If you do not have your own signature fitness program, you are most likely leaving a small fortune on the table. When you have a great signature program and you know how to effectively market it, you create a CASH FLOW FAUCET that pours money and clients into your business whenever you turn it on.

Here are 6 reasons why you must have your own Signature Fitness Program:

1) It creates a CASH FLOW FAUCET for your business that can pour thousands of extra dollars and clients into your fitness business when you turn it on.

2) It helps your business stand out against ANY fitness business in the marketplace (I competed against 42 competitors within a two mile radius of my business with one of my fitness clubs and continued to grow).

3) It attracts and converts the clients you really want and at higher prices.

4) It generates more revenue inside your business and builds your memberships by attracting more people to your business

5) It gives you more control over the revenue and profitability of your business by compelling people to take action to buy now instead of waiting on them to be ready.

6) Having a great Fitness Signature Program System also helps to retain your existing clients and members and ties them to your business.

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