There are really only two reasons why people buy…they want something or they need something. Understand that people will not always buy what they need, but most often will find a way to purchase what they want.

If we always bought what we need; we in the USA would be the healthiest country in the world. We have more weight loss, fitness programs and health clubs available to us than even imaginable. However, as we all know we need to exercise and eat right; the sale is more often made when looking good, feeling good and being healthy is something we want.

Secrets to effective and strategic marketing is to get qualified prospects to want what you are offering. How do you do this?

1) Have an attention grabbing headline that will either qualify or disqualify potential prospects. Don’t be afraid to draw a line in the sand with your headline; to target exactly who you want to attract.

Example…Attention Women Over 40!

If I am a women over 40 I pay attention; if not I move on. Stop trying to attract everyone! Define your target audience and make it clear who you are trying to reach with your message.

2) Add a sub-headline that engages them to be even more interested. Usually a sub-headline offers them a solution to something or compels them to continue to find out more information.

3) Educate them with benefits and not features. What can your offer do for them? Why should they want it? Benefits create value and features cause people to compare prices. If you compete on price in your business, you don’t understand marketing and business fundamentals.

4) Make them a compelling offer to take some kind of action. Get them to WANT what you are offering. This may be a purchase or it may be more information to move them further along in the buying process. Maybe a free report, e-book or free online training.

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Get ready to transform your business,

Ann Carden – Business & Marketing Coach