No business owner ever sets out to waste their hard-earned money to market their business to get their phone to ring. However, this happens in most businesses with pay per click marketing.

Are you spending a small fortune to get to the top of search engines and capture the traffic searching for what you have? If the answer is yes, then you are most likely missing out on as much as 70% – 97% of the leads you are paying for when they click and go to your website.

Here’s why…

Pay per click drives them to your website so you get the phone call over your competition. That’s the goal, right? However, your website is missing some critical and strategic marketing components. So, most of the leads you could be getting that are visiting your website are actually lost.

Missing out on even a few leads could be a loss of thousands of dollars to your business. How much are you losing in lost business if you are losing 70%-97% of the leads coming to your website?

Have you looked at your analytics? Hundreds or thousands of people visit your site a month when they click your pay per click ad; but do the phone calls you receive reflect these numbers? What happens to the people who don’t call or come through your door? In most businesses, nothing! They are lost leads. 

How many of those prospects who called your business actually convert into paying clients or customers? Is it as many as you would like? Do you have to be the lowest price to convert them? What if you could take the same amount of money you are spending on your pay per click ad right now and get ten or even one hundred times more leads? What financial impact could this have on the profitability of your company?

There are common mistakes business owners make when they hire marketing companies to do pay per click ads for them. While these companies may be experts at SEO and key words, their expertise is not making sure you will get the business over your competitors. Your website is most likely missing the strategic components needed to capture more leads when they come to your site.

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To your success,

Ann Carden