Why did you get into business for yourself? To be your own boss, choose your own hours or spend more time doing the things you love in life? Probably all of the above. Do you wonder where time has gone as you have probably put in more 12 hour days than you care to think about? At the end of the day do you still have a to-do list a mile long?

Time is your most valuable resource! You can’t make more time and when it is gone, it’s gone. Harnessing and leveraging time is the only way to get what you want from your business and enjoy life at the same time.

Time will never manage itself. Be pro-active with your time; meaning focus on the critical key areas that will have the greatest impact on the success of your business. It is easy to get lost in the everyday stuff in business that doesn’t help your business grow. This is many times while business owners become a slave to their business and end up working nothing more than a low paying job.

Your business success is completely dependent on you and how you spend your time. If you are a busy owner working in your business; that is poor management of your time and highly costly to your business. You should be working ON your business. You should be the most valuable person in your business, because of the money you generate for your business.

As a professional coach, I help my clients leverage their time and focus on the things that will matter the most in their business. The result is; More Money, More Freedom and More Fun from their business.

What is your time worth?

Here’s a quick way to figure it out;

A) Target annual income

B) Working days in a year =

C) Working hours in a day =

D) Working hours in a year =

(A) divided by (D) = YOUR HOURLY WORTH (before taxes and expenses)

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To your success,

Ann Carden

Business & Marketing Coach